Courses in SEWING

курс по шивачество

Why do some factories achieve high production quotas?

our trainings provide the answer

The courses in brief

Type 1

  • Full training in „Sewing“, specialty code: 5421101

  • Duration: 300 hours (90 theory, 210 practice)

  • Subjects – see schedule below

  • Document upon completion: Certificate of Professional Qualification

  • Decorative Painting
  • Material Studies
  • Sewing Machines and Equipment
  • Textile clothing technology
  • Health and safety at work
  • Textile apparel training practice
  • Manufacturing practice

Type 2

  • Modular training in sewing, specialty code: 5421101

  • Duration – chosen by the client (a minimum of 75 hours is advisable, as legal framework dictates that hours of practicy should form 80% of the training)

  • Studied Subjects – chosen by the client

  • Document upon completion: Certificate of professional qualification for part of a profession


Additional advantages for corporate clients?

Analysis of the working environment and the factors that contribute or adversely affect performance.

A service aimed solely at increasing production quotas

Free consultation and assistance with upcoming funding for personnel trainings that the company is eligible to apply for.

What does an employee benefit from a training?

General and specialised courses in theory and practice.

Specialised training in making company-specific products.

A tutor with outstanding professional background and track record as a teacher.

Where is the course held at?

It is  preferable that the course is held on employee`s company grounds, so theoretical and practical skills are developed in the same working environment. In addition, when holding courses at a client facility, a tutor is able to pinpoint and correct established working habits and practices that adversely affect performance, yet are not always visible to the everyday shift supervisors.

Course tuition?

Formed on the basis on:

  • Number of students

  • Total course duration

  • Place of training

  • Additionally requested services

Each client is sent an offer, based on the elements above.

обучение шивач

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