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The face of any business should be smiling.

What is yours today?

According to clients:

Two main elements get remembered by clients – the food and the service.

Chances are, no matter how good the food is, unprofessional service could still be a barrier to a client returning again and again, let alone recommending a restaurant.

High quality service is often not considered in its own right. Often times, it determines how a place would be remembered and referred to. Quality service often transforms into quality business in the mind of a client.

Long story-short:

If you want to develop your business, you need to take a holistic approach. The product of a restaurant is as important as the atmosphere in which it is presented, as it is the total experience that clients remember. Experience, which is more often than not formed by the skills and knowledge of a waiter.

What qualities and skills should a good waiter have?

True professional

Even the toughest „never satisfied“ customers appreciate professionalism. This applies to both high-end establishments and small local fast-food places alike. Clients notice that, irrelevant of whether they show it or not. In order to win over a new or retain a regular client, a waiter must possess a set of skills, which are not always easy to learn in a working environment alone.


There are those clients who are interested in the preparation and ingredients. A waiter must not only be knowledgeable on the subject, but also understand the value of such information – for him/her and for the business he or she represents. This is the final step before ordering – making the client sure that decision is right, because it is an informed one.

Prompt and accurate

A waiter should not be in a hurry. He should be on time, and follow a pace that reflects a client mood and needs. Two factors facilitate that – the knowledge of food preparation times, and proper assessment of the type of client and what he or she expects to receive in terms of service.


Using industry-specific terms, appropriate tone of voice, posture and gestures – these are all elements to be understood and applied when working as a waiter. Clients demand a universal high enough standard of service, and a personalised one at the same time.

сервитьор обучение

General and specialised training

  • Client communication

  • Service framework and delivery

  • Food hygiene and legal framework

  • Room and table setup

  • Serving techniques by type of dish and drinks

  • Types of client service by time of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner

  • Industry-specific language training

Our offer to you:

1. Professional staff that results in satisfied clients.

2. Training, comprised of subjects of your choice, duration of your choice and in time most convenient for you.

3. A document, certified and accepted across the EU.

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